The Rise of a Necromancer

Day 1 the beginning

We were all awoken by the scouts return, we thought it was just a simple raid. We where wrong a guard came in badly wounded and said a few quiet words to the capt. The captain turned to me “We’re evacuating newbie gather up survivors and get out of the town. Take the scout battalion with you send them back in the morning to see if the the battle was won. Now then the rest of you with me!” We had our orders so we all ran off to do them. I had a number of people with me but not to many people capable of fighting since most of the militia went to deal with the threat. I felt fortunate tho I ran into a number of people who look as if they have been trained. All but one followed me. I don’t think the one survived. As we head for the exit we herd a shout for help but I had my orders, to get people out of the town. However a few decided to investigate so we held up while they did, they returned a little later with the injured blacksmith hobbling with them. After a cleric healed him we ran to a secret passage out of the city. While evacuating we finally saw what we where running from. A small group of zombies ran up but after a few minutes the adventures took care of them. So we made it out caught up with the group and headed to an old encampment South east of hear that most around here have forgotten.



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